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Training Transformation provides a global training and education capability dedicated to improving joint training and education for the Total Force of active forces, Reserve component, DoD civilians, and contractors. Training Transformation's missions and objectives focus on the joint training and education needs of two customers: Combatant Commanders and individual DoD personnel. The intent is to be more outcome-focused in terms of the training needed to support requirements, missions, and capabilities, while preserving the ability of the Services and Combat Support Agencies to train on their core competencies and Individual Mission Essential Tasks. The Training Transformation Strategic Plan (May 8, 2006) and Implementation Plan (February 23, 2006) provide for a systematic and ongoing process for transformation.

Training Transformation will achieve its objectives and missions by enhancing joint training and education using capabilities, processes, networks, systems, policies, plans, and other enablers. The T2 Program's most significant enablers for enhancing joint training and education are the Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capability (JKDDC), which focuses on joint individual training and education; the Joint National Training Capability (JNTC), which focuses on joint collective training; and the Joint Assessment and Enabling Capability (JAEC), which focuses on T2 Program performance assessment and supporting tools and processes.

Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capability: Will prepare future decision-makers and leaders to employ joint operational art, understand the common relevant operating picture, and respond innovatively to adversaries. It will develop and distribute joint knowledge via a dynamic, global-knowledge network that provides immediate access to joint education and training resources.

Joint National Training Capability: Will prepare forces by providing command staffs and units with an integrated live, virtual, and constructive training environment that includes appropriate joint context, and allows global training and mission rehearsal in support of specific operational needs.

Joint Assessment and Enabling Capability: The JAEC assists leaders in assessing the value of transformational initiatives on individuals, units, staffs, organizations, and processes by measuring how well transformed training and education meet validated readiness requirements. Additionally, the JAEC enables readiness through the full implementation of the Joint Training System by linking training to mission requirements and ensuring training standards are met. It will establish a comprehensive architecture for assessing how well T2 accomplishes its missions and objectives, in addition to meeting the needs of its customers. Training Capability.

The Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness retains overall responsibility for Training Transformation. The Training Transformation Executive Steering Group, the Training Transformation Senior Advisory Group, and the Training Transformation Joint Integrated Process Team will oversee the execution and updates of the Training Transformation Implementation Plan. New management processes will use spiral development and periodic block assessments to review, assess, adjust, and redirect the actions that will collectively transform Department of Defense Training.


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